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Diane Tielbur

Q&A on Occasion Based Marketing

With Diane Tielbur, Senior Director, Shopper Engagement for Kraft Foods

SN: How are you leveraging the scale of Kraft Foods?

Tielbur: We have an amazing line-up of brands that consumers love. In fact, 99% of households have a Kraft Foods product in their home. The diversity of our portfolio is one of our core strengths, and we are constantly looking for ways to leverage our scale.

At the customer team level, we leverage our breath and depth of insights across our broad portfolio to provide shopper solutions. Examples include supply chain solutions that make shopping our portfolio easier and shopper marketing that provides new ideas and solutions.

SN: If a retailer wants to know more or more specifically about this study and others, what should they do?

Tielbur: Write to us as and ask us a question or give us a phone number and someone will get back to them. Having direct contact with retailers will help us understand how we can help them better. And that's a first for us!

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