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Diane Tielbur

Q&A on Occasion Based Marketing

With Diane Tielbur, Senior Director, Shopper Engagement for Kraft Foods

Tielbur: Bottom line, we see opportunities for all channels, big or small, but we are confident this new lens can drive change. The goal is to improve the experience for the shopper so that they linger longer, buy more and become more loyal to the store and the brands.

Our shopper insights team is already working with a few retailers to leverage this new information, but we are in the early stages. We are uniquely qualified given our breadth of portfolio, depth of understanding shoppers and our overall food knowledge to partner with retailers and jointly drive business growth.

We have the insights that can help retailers make their stores more differentiated, make the shelf sets more relevant, and make the whole shopping experience enjoyable. When we marry the retailers’ equities with the interests of their shoppers we can play to those strengths and help create a great experience for the shopper.

Our programs are much stronger when we partner with the retailer. We want to work with our key retailers to jointly grow both of our businesses. Neither one of us can solve the consumer’s needs independently, but we can make great things happen together.

SN: How does occasion-based marketing and insights change what retailers are doing today?

Tielbur: It would change the perspective of what they deliver. Looking through the lens of food culture, they would go to where shoppers are most passionate. That is when they are eating the food, not procuring the food.

Think about shopping in a grocery store. That's more like shopping a pantry. How do you bring those things together? How do you bring that passion for the food when it is the highest — when you’re eating it — and actually bring it to the store and leverage it there?

When you think of occasions, you get closer to being able to do that because now I'm not just shopping to fill my pantry for things I may have a taste for in the future. I'm actually shopping for something I want to eat and I want to experience soon. How can we bring that to life better?

We need to work together to elicit the emotions and enjoyment that comes when they are consuming the food. Less focus on the pantry and more focus on the eating occasion.

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