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Diane Tielbur

Q&A on Occasion Based Marketing

With Diane Tielbur, Senior Director, Shopper Engagement for Kraft Foods

SN: How is this holistic view of the consumer working out for Kraft Foods?

Tielbur: We're still evolving. We find a more holistic understanding extremely helpful when building a shopper marketing program. From a brand standpoint, it is very helpful to understand how products are shopped. What triggers the purchase? Is it another item? In the store, what is the trigger for changing a brand in a category? What could impact the purchase in-store?

SN: Tell us about the newest insights that you have gathered.

Tielbur: The industry thinks of shopping trips in a very traditional fashion. Kraft Foods has recently invested in a ground-breaking piece of research with 15,000 consumers that has revealed a call to action to think about trips differently than the industry ever has before.

There is real opportunity to help the shopper by providing relevant solutions for occasions happening within the next few days. With this new research, we believe we can better meet shoppers' needs and drive game-changing growth.

A lot of times, the unmet needs of the shopper are unarticulated. I'll give you an example. When a shopper goes shopping, let's say they spend $150 to stock up. When they get home, they realize they still don't know what's for dinner. They may not complain about that as a shopping experience, but we see that as an unmet opportunity of the shopping experience.

SN: What is the opportunity in these insights for retailers?

Tielbur: With this research, we not only have the confidence that comes from a very large scale approach, we also have the ability to pinpoint retailer-specific opportunities, and thus help them differentiate themselves, while better meeting the needs of their shoppers.

We looked at quite a few of the top occasions. And we also looked at who the shoppers were for those occasions. We think about how we can help a retailer differentiate themselves from their competition. We can look at the information by region and by comparing different retailers to one another. So if you're Retailer A and your competition is Retailer B, we can see which occasions your shoppers are most interested in, and what you might be able to do to encourage more visits to the store.

One of the reasons we went about doing our research was that we knew that our retailers were looking for more differentiated insights coming from manufacturers. We want to be first to be able to provide that. Also, as we look at our own programs, we want to be first to provide unique programs that will really drive sales. So we wanted to do this ground-breaking study; we wanted to have insights before others and to partner with our retailers to provide those solutions to the consumer.

We're seeing some real insightful things about how people are eating today which would really change, from a Kraft Foods perspective, the type of products we bring to market and the types of programs we would recommend to our retailers.

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