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Dr. Matilda Freund

Q&A on Shopper Insights

With Laura Barry, VP, Consumer Insights & Shopper Engagement, Kraft Foods, Inc.

SN: Are these programs that Kraft is bringing to the retailers, or are there times when a mid-sized retail chain comes to Kraft and asks how they can tie into your programs?

Barry: It's both. We've been focusing on plans with all our customers. Each of them elects to participate in a particular program or not, based on whether it really is in line with their consumer.

Actually we take try to tailor programming that meets our customer's needs and the shopper. We go to each one of them and say, "These are the insights and the platforms that we have planned for 2010. How do we customize them to make them work for you?"

Most retailers feel that they need a good representation of strong brands. Fortunately Kraft has those strong brands. We need to bring value to the consumer beyond price. We need to have a high quality, differentiated products. We need to bring value through our shopper marketing programs and through improved and superior quality. And we need to make sure that our innovations are really answering consumer needs.

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