Make dinner easy and reap the rewards

Make dinner easy and reap the rewards

Figuring out what to cook for dinner can be stressful, especially when families are juggling conflicting schedules nearly every day. Stores that take the stress away set the stage for gaining more loyal shoppers. Why? Because 57 percent of the time people decide what's for dinner within one hour of mealtime.1

Stores can make dinner purchasing decisions easier for moms when they market dinner themes and foods in one convenient destination spot. Recipes that help build confidence in her cooking skills, cross-merchandise with proteins that are on sale, and you're paving the way to a less-stressful meal planning experience.

Another key is offering a rotation of dinnertime options—think family favorites like Mexican, Italian, Asian and comfort foods. This helps mom look like the inventive cook she wants to be, and it brings the family together for dinnertime.

These meal solutions matter especially to two kinds of moms: Conscientious Moms and Overextended Moms, proprietary ConAgra Foods research shows. Together, these two shopper profiles account for more than 40% of U.S. households:

These moms approach shopping and cooking differently, yet both want dinners that can be made pretty fast. To avoid waste, they seek familiar flavors they know their families prefer. Hence, it's important that store recipes use items that have high household penetration and are pantry staples, such as chicken, tomatoes, pasta, vegetables, rice and gravies.

To help retailers pull dinner shoppers to their stores, ConAgra Foods is developing targeted, insights-based meal solution programs that include in-store displays and signage, special recipes, print and Web-based messaging.

1 Source: NPD Eating Patterns in America, 2009