Appeal to health-conscious consumers with liquid eggs

Appeal to health-conscious consumers with liquid eggs

The liquid eggs category is growing, with volume sales increasing by close to one million from 2010 to 20111. Liquid egg whites are driving that growth2, bringing in a new, younger consumer. These consumers, who come from larger, higher-income households, are making healthy eating choices every day, and are looking for nutritious, natural alternatives when it comes to protein-based meals. Liquid eggs are a good solution.

Hitting the right price points is key to growing category dollars. Due to aggressive pricing on the whites segment, national brands are growing volume by 3.2 percent, but dollars are growing by only 0.8 percent. Private label maintains the same premium on yellow vs. whites on both sizes while showing growth in volume and dollars.3 Retailers should do the following to maximize both volume and dollar growth: parity price branded Yellows and Whites by size, and maintain an optimal store brand price gap to branded items ($0.60 for 16oz; and $1.00 for 32oz).

Additionally, optimizing the number of options available for consumers can drive velocity. Stocking two brands of whites drives 16 percent more velocity while three brands drives 60 percent4.

Because 20 percent of new consumers enter the category through seasoned varieties5, and seasoned SKUs are approximately 15 percent incremental to the category6, it's important not to overlook flavors as a way to drive growth.

Egg Beaters innovates and renovates the liquid egg category

Egg Beaters, the leader in liquid eggs, is enticing new consumers to the category with exciting new innovation and renovation. The brand is debuting a new look that reminds consumers the brand is all-natural and supporting it with a broad-spectrum marketing campaign emphasizing the role Egg Beaters plays in a healthy lifestyle.

Accompanying the new look are two new flavors — Florentine, launching in early December, and Three Cheese, launching mid 2012  - positioned to bring in the 20 percent of consumers who enter the category through flavors, while maintaining the interest and loyalty of consumers who crave new varieties. Retailers can leverage the renovated look by shelving liquid eggs on two 2-foot shelves. Narrow, vertical shelving allows consumers to compare all the options in a smaller viewing space. This can improve category margins.1

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